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 Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 2   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:35 pm

This is a pokemon fan-fiction that I have always wanted to write, simply because pokemon is fucking awesome, and I love writing xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I'll write and post chapter 3 very soon. Feel free to give any comments / critique.

Chapter 2: The Team

Blaze: Old man... before I try and take on Team Rocket, I need to know more about them, I thought they fell to Red years ago.

Professor Oak: *coughs* Well, Red did beat Team Rocket, multiple times in fact, the last time he beat them, he went to Mt. Silver in exile, to truly commune with pokemon. But then a person, jealous of Red's success, took over Team Rocket, killing the last leader and bringing it back from the brink of being a memory.

Blaze: Who is the Team Rocket leader now?

Professor Oak: Gary.... Gary Oak

Blaze: .... He has the same last name as you.

Professor Oak: He is my grandson, I'm ashamed of the nightmare that he has become, the darkness that has engulfed him, his conquest for power has taken any sense of emotion from him. He controls this world, and everyone inside of it.

Blaze: ...

Professor Oak: Noone else knows who the leader of Team Rocket is except for you and I, I would like to ask that you keep it that way.

Blaze: How did Red die saving his pokemon... I thought Red was stronger than Gary

Professor Oak: He is... but Gary committed a crime so unspeakable that it most likely tore apart the souls of the pokemon he committed it with.

Blaze: What?...

Professor Oak: He ordered his pokemon to kill a person... Red was burnt alive... and all I could do was sit and watch as Gary stood there... laughing...

Blaze: .... *stands up and puts his hand on Professor Oak's shoulder* I'll avenge Red, and cleanse your families name.

Narrator: With those last words, Blaze walked out of the building with Poochyena.

???: BLAZE

Blaze: Hey Jennifer, what's up

Narrator: Jennifer, a 16 year old girl with waist length jet black hair and glistening blue eyes just stood there, wearing a Black V-neck T-shirt and dark blue jeans with a small Larvitar on her shoulder, a slightly confused look on her face.

Jennifer: I didn't know you got a pokemon.

Blaze: Some grunts from Team Rocket were going to kill him, so I guess he's mine now.

Jennifer: Do you want to go to Pewter and catch a movie? I'm pretty bored ^_^

Blaze: Sorry but I don't have time, besides, doesn't your father hate me down to the bone.

Jennifer: Since when do you think I care about what he thinks >_> if he has a problem with my friends then that sucks for him.

Blaze: Well he doesn't have a problem with your boyfriend >_>

???: Of course not, I'm not openly rebellious like you.

Blaze: Oh, hey Zack

Narrator: An 18 year old boy with spiky blonde hair and brown eyes, donning a collared black shirt and blue jeans walks out from behind a building towards Jennifer and Blaze.

Zack: I overheard your discussion with the old geezer, and I want to come as well.

Blaze: Why? You have everything you could ever want, money, power, and your family are Team Rocket executives aren't they?

Zack: I don't want everything handed to me, besides, I want to be myself.

Jennifer: What are you guys talking about, go where?

Blaze: ....

Zack: Blaze has entrusted himself with the goal of destroying Team Rocket, and I think this world needs a change myself.

Jennifer: That's absolutely mad... you'll get killed.

Zack: I don't think he cares.

Blaze: Jennifer... since when have I cared about dying? I have nothing but a name and a house, I want my name to mean something that people can relate to.

Jennifer: ....

Zack: Well, i'm coming with you, but we are going to make a plan before we simply jump out there.

Blaze: We don't need a plan, we can just take things as they come.

Jennifer: We need a plan... Team Rocket controls the world... It's still impossible even if we have a plan.

Zack: I suppose we should start by taking the gym challenges and each of us winning badges, that way we will have more clearance to get to certain areas.

Blaze: Fine, so where first?

Zack: Pewter City, to take on Brock, the rock type gym leader... which I should be able to take care of easily *a mudkip jumps on his shoulder*

Blaze: I'll be right back, everyone get your stuff.

Narrator: Blaze walked into his house and up into his room, grabbing clothes and putting them in his backpack. He looked out the window, contemplating about how his life was finally going to mean something.

Blaze: .... Let's do this Poochyena... The world is our playing ground, it's time to make something of myself.

End of Chapter 2

Look Forward to Chapter 3


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Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 2
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