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 Dark Reactionary

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PostSubject: Dark Reactionary   Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:58 pm

I wrote this when I was 16 as well... XD, I was having mixed feelings about a girl at the time

Dark Reactionary

I remember that day that I first met you.
Standing in the sunlight with that dazzling hue.
On that morning when you stood there and shined.
I wondered softly to myself... why?
Why a person like me, so dark and cold.
Would develop feelings for her, bieng so bold.
Would she even care to notice me?
A dark individual walking down the street.
My whole existence freezes up, just for that split second.
When you walk past me, sparkling like you flew down from heaven.
Maybe we could be, maybe we could not.
Regardless of how I wished for it, it was all for naught.
For as you brushed past me, focused on your day's list.
I stood there, gazing at you, lost in the mist.


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Dark Reactionary
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