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PostSubject: Memories   Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:59 pm

Another poem I wrote when I was 16. This poem is about a girl I lost to Leukemia


I had a friend... A friend who I laughed with...
Who I cried with... Who I had fun with...
Who I was intimate with...
I shared everything with her, life, love, sorrow, pain, sickness, joy, hope... everything...
So many life treasures we had
Inseperable partners... Inseperable for life...
That time at the swingset, we sang together
We just didn't care about what the world thought of us...
That moment we looked into each others eyes, hers as blue and clear as the clearest waters....
We connected... We kissed....
I stroked my finger down her back, she ran her fingers through my hair, our figures locked together... we moved to the rhythm of each other and we made love... so gently... in our own way...
She then was hit... by a silet killer, her insides began to shrivel and her skin turned as white as a bedsheet...
As we lay there together, with her barely able to move.
We looked at each other one more time...
Just... Once More.


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