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 Dark Melody

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PostSubject: Dark Melody   Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:00 pm

Well, i'm an insomniac, and I've always wanted to write a poem about my insomnia, so I did, and here it is, a journey through one of my lucid dreams.

Dark Melody

What have we now, music?
But all is silent, today's tone is... archaic?
Whimsical snowflakes tremble in the air
While striding softly on the white blanket, I can't help but stare
The falling ice permeates into malevolent keys
Playing an inky dark tone as my cloak billows in the breeze
The frozen water crashed beneath me, as my eyes started to shut
The sounds began to fade, as my senses were slowly snuffed
I feel into a chasm of my own contortion, playing victim to my own doubt
A new world unfurled in front of me, unwrapping like plant vines about to sprout
A wall cast forth a rippling mirror, depicting my reflection in cold spite
A benevolent force propelled me up, and ended the perils of that night.


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Dark Melody
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