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 Pokemon Heart Gold [Review]

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PostSubject: Pokemon Heart Gold [Review]   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:09 pm

Official Pokemon Heart Gold Review:


This review was written on Sunday, May 15th, 2011
Reposted on February 5th, 2012

Basic Information:
Pokemon Heart Gold: a 1-8 player nintendo DS rpg in which you can raise pokemon, battle and become the ultimate pokemon master! [Rated E for Everyone]

Average Completion Time:
For Main Storyline, Several Hours To Several Days, To Catch All Pokemon, Several Months To A Year.

Pokemon Heart Gold is a remake of the original pokemon gold and silver, I went into this game with somewhat median expectations, I was thinking Nintendo was going to screw this one up and not have it live up to the original games glory. But I was wrong, upon playing this game, I discovered that the transition from generation 2 to 4 was impeccable and well thought out. Although even with the amazing changes in this game, it also has its limitations and its labors which can hinder a players experience.

The storyline, given if you have played any of the other pokemon games, is in my opinion one of the best out of the bunch, you control Gold "or whoever you decide to name your character" and travel around the lands of johto and kanto, catching pokemon, getting gym badges and working your way up to the elite four and other amazing challenges. There are side quests, fun games, and many cool features to note along the way. You can surf, fly, battle an evil corporation known as team rocket, and become a hero in both Kanto and Johto.

The Verdict:
+Excellent Replay Value, Concept and Fun Factor
+Upholds the expectations by fans of the original pokemon gold
+Vast improvements from the original such as new pokemon, new items, new graphics and better gameplay lead to an overall better experience.
+Ho-Oh's theme song leads me to believe that the orchestration studio really put their heart into that sound.
+Having pokemon follow you adds to the games atmosphere, a wonderful change that was not exhibited in any of the other pokemon games.

-No improvements on the battle system other than some changed graphics
-Surfing speed and battle speed is rather slow
-AI on certain trainers is bugged
-Lacks the nostalgic feel of pokemon gold
-With the exception of Ho-oh's theme, the music on the pokemon games is not up to the usual calibur and thus is dissapointing.
-Legendary pokemon catch rates are too low, new players cannot jump into it super easily
-Fan community isn't as open to newer players as people would like it to be.

Overall Rating:
8.7/10 (87/100)
(Extremely fun, but hindering concepts and atmosphere can sometimes bug the player and lead to DS's thrown across a hallway and really mad players)



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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Heart Gold [Review]   Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:50 am

fucking zubat. i think i got 150 hours in total out of this game, 125 just playing through the league.
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Pokemon Heart Gold [Review]
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