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 Universe Sandbox [Review]

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PostSubject: Universe Sandbox [Review]   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:11 pm

Universe Sandbox


This review was written on Thursday, January 10th, 2012
Reposted on February 5th, 2012

Basic Information:
Universe Sandbox, become the master of your own universe, using this space gravity simulator, mess with our solar system, create your own systems, alter paths of gravity, thousands of custom features that can be used to create your perfect universe, or cause absolute destruction and destroy anything as well.

Average Completion Time:
Unlimited (No Set Objectives Means Unlimited Play Time)

Well, I looked this game up after I saw it on Steam and saw that it was an educational game... However it just looked interesting to me, so I bought it on Steam for a very cheap price. I so far have had a lot of fun creating my own solar systems, galaxy's and such. However there are some problems with the game that can get in the way.

None (This is a simulator game)

The Verdict:
The Pros:
+Decent replay value.
+Massive customizability
+Pre-loaded with a lot of scenarios for the player to choose
+Good In Game Tutorials
+Many modes to make construction easier
+In depth settings that allow you to customize almost every aspect of a planet, star or anything in the game

-Lack of a sountrack (a nice ambient soft sounding theme that could be switched on and off would be good)
-Unrealistic collision bounce mode (however this can be turned off)
-Many glitches
-Occasional gravity issues
-Textures are badly wrapped on suns
-Certain aspects of the simulator are approximated and therefore aren't completely accurate (but this isn't usually that much of a problem)
-Lack of reliable mods
-Can get repetitive
-Lack of any objectives can leave a player confused
-If the player doesn't do the tutorials he/she can get absolutely lost and stumped

Overall Rating:
7.6/10 (76/100)
(A great simulator that is not only educational but has an excellent replay value, it makes you think and gets your mind engaged, it's somewhat like a space minecraft, not quite as entertaining as minecraft but still really close I recommend this game to anyone who has time to spare and wants to create their own universe. It serves its purpose well)



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Universe Sandbox [Review]
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