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 Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 4   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:39 pm

This is a pokemon fan-fiction that I have always wanted to write, simply because pokemon is fucking awesome, and I love writing xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I'll write and post chapter 5 very soon. Feel free to give any comments / critique.

Chapter 4: Embrace

Narrator: 1:17 am, dead silence was walking through the hotel like an aimless ocean current, swaying wherever the wind carries it.

Blaze: ... *Is asleep*

???: *voice echoes inside Blazes's head* Nightmare.... *A Darkrai appears in Blaze's room*

Blaze: *starts screaming out of sheer pain as the Darkrai hovers his claw towards Blaze's head*

Narrator: Suddenly the door opens and Zack runs in with Jennifer and turns on the light along with several other people, but the Darkrai is already gone.

Zack: Blaze are you ok?!

Blaze: *Sits up and wakes up sweating with his eyes wide open and shaking* .....

Jennifer: Can you other people just get out of here

Narrator: The 7 others who had come out clear out slowly

Blaze: ..... *lays back on his pillow* I'm fine... But something was in the room with me...

Zack: You were probably just having a bad dream, there's no way anything could have cleared out in the short time that it took to open the door.

Blaze: .... You're right... I'm going to just stay up and watch a movie though...

Zack: Try and sleep if you can.... *walks out with Jennifer*

Blaze: *Falls back asleep very quickly*

Darkrai: *Is outside the window looking in* .... *Fades away into the darkness*

Narrator: Sunrise came rather quickly, the crimson and violet sky painted the horizon with a passionate view. Blaze, Zack and Jennifer were already outside the hotel and starting to walk towards Viridian Forest.

Jennifer: I've always hated this forest... It feels dead.

Zack: It is dead, there used to be wild Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Pikachu, Pidgies.... now there are only Zubats and Grimers...

Jennifer: I like Grimer D:

Zack: Catch one then...

Jennifer: Maybe I will >_> *takes out a pokeball and calls out Larvitar*

Larvitar: Lar Lar *is hopping ecstatically*

Jennifer: Let's go find a grimer Very Happy *runs off into Viridian Forest with Larvitar*

Blaze: Heh.... Grimer are messy as fuck

Zack: Muk is even more messy...I hope she realizes that she probably won't be able to hug it.

Blaze: She'll try anyways

Jennifer: *is walking back with a Grimer next to her along with Larvitar* Caught one Very Happy

Zack: >_> I didn't think you were actually gonna catch one... you've never caught any pokemon before

Jennifer: >_>

Blaze: Kissy kissy and make it all better Smile

Zack and Jennifer: Shut up -_-

Rocket Forest Guard: You three, no going in and out like that, just go on through to Pewter now that you caught that pokemon.

Narrator: The three of them go deeper into Viridian Forest, which is filled with a slight purple haze and is dark as night due to the canopy trees overhead with only small glimmers of light breaking through.

Zack: *Looks at his phone* They have new Elite Four members... They replaced them rather quickly

Blaze: Figures... *Trips on a vine and falls on face* Oww...

Jennifer: Hehe...

Zack: *helps Blaze up* You should really watch where you're going bro.

Blaze: Yep... going to just keep walking... huh? *looks at his necklace and it's glowing* What's going on....

Zack: .... I think something's coming towards us... keep that thing quiet

Narrator: The necklace flies off Blaze and instantly incinerates in mid air giving off a powerful golden aura fueled with green and blue fire that contrasted harshly with the purple haze.

Zack: What the fuck's going on.

Jennifer: Look.... *points at a shadow in the distance*

Blaze: That pokemon is a Gastly! I want it!

Gastly: *flies towards them*

Blaze: *calls out Poochyena* Hurry and bite it with your dark energy!

Poochyena: *rushes at Gastly and uses dark energy to latch onto its body which lacked a physical mass and bite down on it

Gastly: *tries to shake Poochyena off but can't*

Blaze: *throws a pokeball and it catches Gastly* Ohhhhh ya!

Zack: All your catches aren't going to be that easy you know...

Blaze: Don't ruin my moment

Jennifer: Come on! Let's go, I see the exit

Narrator: The three of them walk out of Viridian City and through the checkpoint into Pewter City.

Zack: Well.... we're here... Let's go beat the gym...

End of Chapter 4

Look Forward to Chapter 5


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Blaze - Path to Becoming A Master: Chapter 4
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