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 Black Veil Brides - Rebels EP [EP Review]

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PostSubject: Black Veil Brides - Rebels EP [EP Review]   Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:35 am

Rebels EP by Black Veil Brides

Reviewed by ZXoftheDarkness on December 13th 2011
Reposted on February 4th 2012

Album Artwork:
Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic / Post-Hardcore

Music Staff:

Black Veil Brides
Andy Biersack - lead vocals, lyrics, keyboards
Jake Pitts - lead guitar
Jinxx - rhythm guitar, violin, backing vocals
Ashley Purdy - bass, backing vocals
Christian "CC" Coma - drums, percussion

Introduction: I came into this album expecting a sub-par effort, mainly due to the fact that i'm not partial to b-side tracks by bands nor covers. However I was completely shocked at how the b-Side was better than most of the songs on Black Veil Brides's last album. Not much else to really say for the beginning, Let's jump into the review!

Song Titles:

No. Title
2."Rebel Yell" (Billy Idol cover)
3."Unholy" (Kiss cover, feat. Zakk Wylde)

Track 1: Coffin:
Starts off with an eerie piano opening, juxtaposing an atmosphere of creepy melody with vintage sound effects before immediately jumping into the blistering guitar. It is heavier than any of the songs on their last album, and (luckily) Andy has improved his vocals (both cleans and harsh), showing much greater range, and he sings with much more emotion. However the most noticeable improvement is the guitar, usually Black Veil Bride's solo's all involve speed, however the fretwork throughout this song has not only improved speed-wise but also has greater technicality and complexity. The typical metalcore influenced breakdown is present, but it's not that generic compared to others used in the genre. CC has also stepped up his speed on the drums. Well needed improvement.
Track Rating: 9.5/10 (Absolutely Amazing)

Track 2: Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover):
This is the song that I was so excited about, and for the most part, I was satisfied, they make the original version look like amateur work with improved percussion, fretwork, and vocals. The buildup at the beginning of the song really gets the blood pumping, however the chugging riff they attempted to use slightly before the vocals came in sounded half-ass'd and unfinished, this only lasts for about 10 seconds though, so it doesn't take that much away from the song. What really stands out the most in this song is the drums and the guitar. Which are both ridiculously speedy and have improved vastly. A well-needed cover that took a good song and made it amazing.
Track Rating: 8.7/10 (Very Good)

Track 3: Unholy (KISS Cover):
There was so much they could have done with this song, yet they decided to go the lazy route, boring riffs, boring vocals and boring drums. However I simply cannot complain about the guitar, Zakk Wylde featured on the guitar and his solo is absolutely memorable, however it still isn't enough to save this song from it's monotonous mediocrity.
Track Rating: 5.7/10 (Average)

Overall EP Rating:
7.96 (Good)

Final Words:
Coffin and Rebel Yell are very nice additions to BVB's track list, however Unholy is a stumble in their footsteps, hopefully they will continue to improve and further grow for their upcoming album in April 2012. Until then, let's see just how technical BVB can get.


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Black Veil Brides - Rebels EP [EP Review]
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